Ryan + Natalie

The more weddings I shoot, the more I see what a difference it makes to truly know the bride and groom. That is the joy of my job, to get to know each one of you; your story, your quirks, your love. Even if we don't get to meet until the day of the wedding, know that I will be intentional to notice what makes you, you. That is what I want to capture - honest, true-to-you photographs that you will always treasure. 

And that is what made this wedding so particularly special - to know the story of how Ryan from Chicago and Natalie from Seattle met in Albania and stayed up until 3am in our dear friends' kitchen just talking and falling for each other. To know how their love for the Lord has drawn them together since day one. To know how much FUN they have together and how perfect they are for each other. 

It was such an honor to photograph this day.