Michael + Brittney

Owning a small business can definitely have its highs and lows. There is a constant need to learn and adapt and a lot of the time its trial and error that gets you anywhere. Recently I've been honing in on the importance of connecting with your clients and their vision. It is so key! Not only because you want your client to be your FRIEND and feel comfortable, but because you want to make sure you are ALLIES working together toward the same goal. 

These two chose such an incredible, picturesque location and were happy to give me time in below freezing temperatures to photograph them. I can't say the view is the only important part of a wedding day,  but man do I love it when its high on the list. Michael + Brittney were just a couple of gems, glimmering in the midst of a picturesque Yosemite scene. Couldn't ask for more.