Hey Mama!

I’m so glad you stopped by. Let me tell you about the #yearonepackage (yep, we have a hashtag!) and why I absolutely love it!

I think we can agree that being a mama is hard work! The first year of your little babe's life is going to be challenging, sometimes scary and its going to FLY right past you. It is also filled with some of the sweetest memories and major growth (we are talking tripling in size in a super short amount of time). This is why the Year One Package is AMAZING for a mama like yourself who doesn't want to miss a thing. 

Each month, we will get together in a home setting (yours or mine, indoors or outdoors) to capture those REAL, RAW moments you have with your sweet babe every day. Everything from sink baths to tantrums to trying new foods and taking first steps! 

The best part of all this? The book at the end. Each month, you will receive a handful of photos from our shoot to enjoy, BUT I will save the best one to include in your Year One Book! It's a fun surprise at the end of the year - a completely unique coffee table book filled with photographs from each month AND spruced up with sweet, handmade designs.

Want to know more? Check out the photos + package details below!


Year One Book

Soft or Hard cover coffee table book
Includes highlights from each month + unique, handmade designs


Year One Shoot

$80 per shoot
20-30 minute shoots (starting at 1 month)
10+ digital images per month




I'm happy to offer some awesome discounts when you book your Year One Package with me! 


(a 50% savings!)

If you want to document your little babe before we begin the Year One Package, let's set you up with a Newborn Shoot!

Family Upgrade

(a $75% savings!)

Interested in including your family during one of our scheduled Year One shoots? No problem! Just ask for a Family Upgrade.

Post Year One Family

(a $100 savings!)

Because I hope to see you after your Year One Package is over and there are always good reasons to document your growing family!